Trip Notes

Lirrwi Tourism's experiences involve very traditional people on Yolngu homelands. You need to take your watch off, relax and settle into Yolngu time except of course when it comes to your arrival and departure flights.


Northeast Arnhem Land has a tropical climate. The period between May and October is cooler and drier than November to April and is general a better time for travelling in the region. Temperatures still reach 30C during the day, but the nights are cool and rain is rare.

Telstra Next G offers the best mobile coverage in the region (Nhulunbuy and other major communities) however none of the homelands that Lirrwi's tours visit have any mobile reception. Lirrwi carries a satellite phone for emergencies and there are landlines at the homelands so make the most of it and disconnect.

Note that there will be some power available on site for charging of cameras, phones etc..



All Lirrwi's tours are dry. Alcohol is not permitted on Aboriginal Land. The same laws for drugs apply here as in any other part of Australia. There is no place for alcohol or drugs on our tours. Visitors are allowed to purchase alcohol over the bar at various licensed venues in Nhulunbuy, but cannot buy takeaway.


It is not necessary to bring gifts for the homelands. Your support by taking the tour and bringing business opportunities to homelands makes all the difference. If you feel like tipping any of the team, you are welcome to do it directly.


Yolngu people speak Yolngu Matha as their first language and English as their second. You should have no problems with communication.


Lirrwi Tourism handles Northern Land Council Permits for all of its customers.


Yolngu people involved in Lirrwi tours do not mind having their photo taken, but it is always polite to ask first. Some ceremonies and places cannot be photographed for cultural reasons. You will be advised of these by your guides, but again, if in doubt, just ask.


Lirrwi's tours involve trips of up to 3 hours on gravel roads and 4X4 tracks to get to homelands. Some of these tracks can be rough going, but Lirrwi operates custom made 4X4 vehicles and our drivers are the best around.

Lirrwi provides all transport, accommodation, meals etc. You just need to pack for a holiday. Think light, loose and long clothing. Yolngu people believe in dressing modestly so no bikinis or speedos please. Sarongs are a good idea for ladies. Good walking shoes, a hat, sunscreen, towel, small torch, personal water bottle and insect repellent. It is preferred that you travel with a soft bag weighing no more than 10kg. Download our Packing List.


As you should expect in Australia's last great wilderness, there are crocodiles, water buffalos and dingoes and various other creatures present. Guests are under the supervision of Yolngu guides at all times and we do not allow guests to swim on tour.