Our Name

Lirrwi is a powerful Yolŋu word which literally translated means ‘charcoal’ (Ŋurrŋgitj). Lirrwi defines the layers of charcoal which go deep into the earth and deep into the past. It is the place where Yolŋu people always return to, in life and beyond life.

A single piece of charcoal cannot burn brightly on its own. It takes many pieces. So too with the people and the culture. In the Yolŋu world everything is connected, the country, the people, the plants and the animals, even the sky and the world above. Connectivity is a fundamental and important principle way of Yolŋu life. 

Our Symbol

In the Yolŋu world the campfire is a classroom in the bush university, where information is shared from one generation to the next, and there it remains stored, a library of knowledge, charcoal at its core, to be revisited and reignited, like a memory, for hundreds and thousands of years…

In the Napaki [non Yolŋu] world, the campfire is a place of security, comfort in the wilderness, a place to regroup after a great adventure, but it too is a place to share stories, download the day’s events with new and old friends, sit mesmerised by the red hot coals or look up at the stars and realise your place in the world.

The concept of the campfire has strong and positive symbolism for both Yolŋu and Napaki [non Yolŋu] culture. The camp fire is a connector, supported by music, song and dance it has the power to weave cultures together.

Lirrwi Tourism commissioned several Yolŋu artists, with the assistance of the Buku-Larrnggay Mulka Centre to paint their interpretation of the campfire, importantly in non-sacred style, to be used for the logo.