Multi Day Tours

Visit a Yolŋu Homeland on a Lirrwi multi day tour, and become part of a small family community Expect to be made to feel like part of the family, take part in daily activities and make lasting friendships. You will likely receive a welcome to country, or smoking ceremony on arrival. You will  also learn about Yolŋu kinship, traditional lore and language, both spoken and sign. Throughout your visit you will participate in any number of activities from weaving to traditional spear fishing, gathering of bush foods and medicine, to dance (Bunggul), storytelling or learning how the Yidaki (didjeridu) is made and played. 

Yolŋu life is a lot less regimented than in the western world. Be prepared to leave your watch and smartphone behind and not follow the itinerary precisely. Yolŋu life is much more in sync with to the environment, wildlife and climate. By going with the flow, you’ll be delighted by the unexpected, perhaps a quick beach stopover to spear a fish or catch mud crabs!

Crossing country

Cross a diversity of incredible landscapes and participate in traditional cultural activities.

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Women's Tour

Women-only tours designed to connect with your aboriginal sisterhood.

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Art Tours

Art for the Yolŋu people is a way to express identity, ancestral law and ownership of land.

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And there's more...

Yidaki Masterclasses, bird-watching, film-making, media. cruise ships...

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