Lirrwi Tourism encourages members of the Yolŋu community involved with tourism to sign up as members. Membership limited to Yolŋu members of the community and is free. 

By becoming a member you are demonstrating your support for Lirrwi Tourism: 

  • preserving Yolŋu culture by assisting its members to maintain a connection with country and economic independence 
  • assisting indigenous entrepreneurs to establish cultural tourism businesses and to break down barriers to entry for Yolŋu people to participate in the mainstream economy 
  • providing front and back office services and coordination for its member businesses 
  • involving itself in a range of tourism related services including but not limited to; passenger transport, development of tours, development of tourism-related infrastructure, guest accommodation, catering, travel agency services and events

Lirrwi Members have the following rights:

  • can attend, speak and vote at general meetings
  • can be made a Director
  • can put forward resolutions at general meetings
  • can ask the Directors to call a general meeting
  • can look at the books and records of the corporation (with Director’s authorisation or Member resolution).

Lirrwi members have the following responsibilities:

  • must follow rules as outlined in the ORIC Consolidated Hand Book
  • let the corporation know if they change their address 
  • treats other members with respect

The application process itself takes less than a minute to complete. Applications go before the Lirrwi board of Directors for discussion and vote. Once accepted, new Lirrwi members are notified, either in person, or by phone by the Lirrwi staff.