Corporate Culture - Wangany Dhukarr

Corporates will meet Yolŋu Culture at Bawaka. Bawaka translates to ‘unknown heaven’ for good reason. Set on a stunning beach in the Port Bradshaw area, roughly two hours south of Nhulunbuy, Bawaka is truly one of the  most beautiful places on the planet. Bawaka is the homeland of the Burarrwanga family, who specialise in cultural awareness programs for both travellers and corporate groups.

Lirrwi Tourism has hosted many of Australia’s leading corporations to experience Yolŋu culture, including executives from the Commonwealth Bank of Australia, Rio Tinto, Telstra, News Ltd, BP and Westpac. Participants not only get to spend time with and learn from people of the world's oldest culture, they get to do it in one of the most spectacular and pristine environments in Australia. Each participant has left revitalised, motivated and inspired, their experience with Yolŋu culture having a positive impact on their corporate performance. In our feedback , the single most often used comment  is “life- changing”.