About Lirrwi Tourism

Lirrwi Tourism was established in 2010 to develop, support and promote Yolŋu tourism in Arnhem Land. Djawa (Timmy) Burarrwanga from Bawaka homeland was a driving force for this and Lirrwi owes its existence largely to his determination and vision. Lirrwi's main objective is to create a new economy for Yolŋu people in Arnhem Land through tourism. It does this by bringing people together to share Yolŋu culture, connecting Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal people.

Working from East Arnhem Land in Australia’s Northern Territory, we aim to combine the range of work traditionally carried out by economic development organisations, tourism operators and travel agents to:

  • build understanding between Yolŋu and non-Yolŋu people
  • assist Yolŋu people to enter the tourism industry
  • support Yolŋu tourism businesses
  • take ownership of tourism development in our region

Our work recognises the strong links between economic development and the benefits of engaging in meaningful employment, which can lead to greater independence and increased skill levels, ultimately improving physical and mental health, or well-being. For this reason, we strongly support the creation of flexible job opportunities and businesses that take into consideration cultural commitments as well as profitability in remote homeland areas. 

Watch this short video to learn more about our plans to create sustainable Homelands and in turn brighten the future for the local Yolŋu people.

In short, Lirrwi Tourism believes in taking action and creating partnerships with individuals and families so that we can work together to ultimately help improve aspects of people's lives. With an all Yolŋu Board of Directors and dedicated experienced staff, Lirrwi Tourism is committed to developing East Arnhem Land as a world leading destination for indigenous cultural and nature-based experiences.

Lirrwi Tourism operates its main office in Yirrkala in East Arnhem Land and works with Yolŋu people who live and work across a range of homeland locations to develop, support and promote Aboriginal tourism experiences in the region.